About Rocky Top Gelbvieh Farm

We specialize in selling high quality breeding stock including bulls and heifers. We are located in Crossville, Tennessee on the high Cumberland Plateau. We breed only Gelbvieh and Balancer Cattle. We use natural and artificial insemination of the best bulls available. The bulls are genetically tested at the Artificial Insemination Company for parentage and any genetic defects. After the breeder has had his bull's semen certified by the testing lab, the bull is collected by the semen company and made available to additional breeders like ourselves.


We are members of the American Gelbvieh Association and the Tennessee Gelbvieh Association and our stock are registered in the herd book.


Grazing and Feed


The cattle are fed on a rotating schedule from one to four days per paddock. The cattle are fed only grasses, clovers and forbs, and are permitted to graze on open paddocks using manage intensive grazing.


Where does Gelbvieh come from?


The term 'Gelbveih' comes from Germany and means 'yellow cow.' The cows we breed are a mix of red and black coloration.