Our pure bred Gelbvieh are required to meet breed standards. Our Gelbvieh are from the pure bred American Gelbvieh Association Herd Book. Purebred Gelbvieh have been bred using outside genetics for certain breed improvements, but females must remain 88% Gelbvieh and males 94% Gelbvieh.


Our balancers are a breeding of pure bred Gelbvieh and pure bred Red Angus.


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Q: What is special about the Gelbvieh breed?


A: Gelbviehs originated in several Franconian districts of Bavaria, Germany in the mid-18th Century. Gelbviehs were originally bred to be triple purpose cattle (used for milk, beef, and draught), but the modern Gelbvieh is used primarily for beef production. Gelbvieh cattle are known for their high rate of grain and feed efficiency, and were originally selected for easy growth, quick maturity, length of loin, leanness, docility, and longevity. Gelbvieh females were selected to be very maternal with strong fertility, mothering instincts, good udders, and strong milk production. They are known to have smaller bodied offspring, allowing for easy of calving.


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Q: What sets your stock apart from others?


A: Our cattle have been referred to as "Fertile Mertles" as they have consistently produced calves with a quick turn around. Recently, one of our cows earned the Dam of Distinction. About the award, the American Gelbvieh Association states:


"The American Gelbvieh Association each year honors Gelbvieh females that have proven to have longevity and productivity, the key economic traits for profitability in the beef industry. Cows that calve as two-year-olds and have a healthy calf every year for 10 to 12 years have greater lifetime efficiency than cows culled at younger ages for various reasons.


The Dam of Merit honors cows that have produced at least three calves with all weaning information reported to the American Gelbvieh Association. A Dam of Distinction meets the same requirements but must have produced 8 calves or more."


Listed below are additional awards our farm has produced:


--Dam of Distinctions, 2015, GUPS 43P,GUPS 22M,GUPS24P

--Dam of Merit, 2015, GUPS 20W,GUPS22X,GUPS27X,GUPS31X,GUPS34X,GUPS69U 

--Dam of Merit, 2012 GUPS 22M, GUPS 32N,GUPS 23S,GUPS25S AND GUPS43P

--Dam of Merit, 2010 GUPS 13N,GUPS 43P,GUPS 24P, GUPS 37P


Q: What evidence do you provide of their genetics?


A: We keep detailed records of parentage and track, through DNA testing, each calf's source. All cattle are sold with documentation of testing and registration papers.


Dam of Distinction: Rocky Top Baby III , GUPS 43P



This cow bred every year for 8 years. She was born in March, 2004 at 88 pounds. Her blood line goes back to Flying H Extra 150D and High Plains PI.